zacs_pet (zacs_pet) wrote in troy_snb,

This weekend

The Early December Yarn Acquisition journey to Webs will be Saturday. I plan on leaving my house around 9 am. I have room in my car for up to 5 bodies other than my own. Food will be arbitrated later in the day.

Is anybody coming with me?

~Cross-posted to the Ravelry group~

ETA: There will be a brief stop at the Southampton Harley Davidson dealership. PseudoFIL is a dirty biker who gets tee shirts every year for giftmas.
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Wish I could join you as I dream of going to Webs someday. I have symphony tickets to take the girls to the Christmas concert in Albany.

Someday my dream will come true.
We can plan the next excursion around your schedule. Everyone should experience the yarngasm that is Webs' warehouse.